Friday, June 12, 2015

Review: 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GT

Greetings my lovelies! Long time no posts... *shrugs* I know it's been a minute. This post is actually a bit overdue but due to some missing photos from my phone being broken etc. I've decided to recover a few and give my honest review now. There will be some stock photos in this post. :)

So I got another amazing opportunity with Mitsubishi to test drive one of the best SUV's in their class... the Outlander GT! Hooray! All I could think was " 3rd row 3rd row 3rd row... ". Having a big family and 3 kids, it's very necessary to have a spacious car with extra room for more people. I am all about 3rd row vehicles because it is so convenient yet you can still store it away for extra room in the back. You can almost fool somebody and tell them you only have enough room for so much... ha! Ok, on to the fun details...

I got mine in a beautiful snowy white color in the standard basic GT model. The Outlander comes in 4 different models (ES 2WD, SE 2WD, SE S-AWC, and GT S-AWC). The GT model is a 240 Horsepower, Super All Wheel Control (S- AWC) 3.0 Liter V-6 Engine, 6 speed automatic transmission with steering wheel paddle shifters. Loved the FAST-key passive entry system with push button on/off engine switch. Makes it easier for moms to hop in the car and start without digging through your massive purse looking for those keys! I know this is a common struggle with everyday people so why is every car not made that way? Makes me wonder... on to some photos!

Dashboard and interior of the standard GT model

Leather wrapped steering wheel with mounted audio controls and Sportronic® Steering wheel paddle shifters. Heated front row seats. 6.1" Touch panel display audio system.

Sleek 18-in. alloy wheel design


These were my top favorite features from this car...
  • 6.1" Touchscreen display (Sirius XM, AM/FM/CD/MP3, Bluetooth)
  • Rearview Camera System
  • Push Start/Stop Engine Switch
  • Front Dual-zone climate control
  • 7 seater with 3rd row option
  • Heated Driver & Front Passenger Seats
  • Super All-Wheel Control Drive (S-AWC)
  • Fast-key passive entry system with panic feature
  • 50/50 flat fold down back seats (3rd row) for more trunk storage
  • 60/40 split fold-down seats (2nd row) w/ independent slide & reclining options
  • FUSE Hands-Free Link System with Bluetooth
  • Eco Drive option for fuel efficiency
Sticker price on this model with standard options is listed for
(MSRP) $28,195.00

Compared to the Outlander Sport I drove, I am shocked to see there is not a huge price gap between the two. I say this is made for anyone who needs more room! It was not intimidating to drive for being a 3rd row SUV, which are normally very large in size. Really enjoyed the ride so much and my kids loved it the most. The model was obviously the standard model out of the GT but you can always add premium options to amp it up to suit your luxury needs. The car was ranked #1 on Kelley Blue Book's "5-Year Cost to Own" list for the Mid-Size SUV/Crossover segment. That pretty much won me over. Good info to know! Not the best fuel efficiency car in the market but not the worst either. It was a great experience once again with Mitsubishi. I would definitely consider looking into one of these in the near future.

My last moment with this awesome car at the market... do not want to say goodbye... kind of sad.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse Oil & Wipes Review

Hello~ Hello! my beauty junkies! I will be reviewing Dermalogica's Pre Cleanse Oil and their Pre Cleanse wipes. Feel like I have definitely jumped on the bandwagon so late. Heard so many great reviews on all of their products and here I am just now getting to them. Now I see why the hype is so real. It's pretty amazing...

Dermalogica Precleanse Oil - Deep Cleansing "oil-busting emulsifyer" that melts impurities and makeup residue on your skin. Removes waterproof makeup in one easy step. Formulated without artificial fragrances and color. Gentle on the skin with Rice Bran and Vitamin E oils.

Directions - Dispense onto dry hands and massage all over face. Then wet hands and let the formula emulsify on skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and follow up with normal cleanser.

My thoughts - The formula was quite thin and easy to use. It removed all my heavy makeup including my waterproof shadows and mascara so nicely. I've always been a fan of cleansing oils especially since I tend to wear waterproof mascara all the time. The oil was gentle yet soothing on the skin. Felt so refreshed once the makeup was all rinsed off. Definitely a keeper! Comes in two sizes (1.0 oz $10.00) pictured here in the post and a larger (5.1 oz $38.00) economy size that will last you through many tubes of mascaras.

Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes - A biodegradable makeup removing wipe that melts away layers of excess sebum (oil), sunscreen, waterproof make-up, pollutants and products.

Directions> - Wipe face with cloth to remove makeup. Optional, wet wipe to create a light, milky emulsion type of wipes.

My thoughts - So this is pretty much precleanse oil in a wipe. Literally! Perfect for traveling so you can avoid any "oily" mess. I love how they give you two options to use this product. At first, I thought the wipes were a bit drying and not working so effectively... Till I realized the oil was already saturated into the wipes. It's definitely different from what I'm used to. Currently I use the Neutrogena wipes. Those glide across the face due to the over saturated cloth, which I love. This one feels different but I've gotten used to them. As you can see by the picture, it is pretty large in size. Removes all my sunscreen, foundation and waterproof makeup so effectively. Comes in a 20ct pack for $18.00.

Check out more details here: DERMALOGICA

FTC: This product was given for review purposes by iFabbo. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara Review

*Hello everyone! I am here to show you this luxurious mascara by YSL that I was sent to try out from Influenster. First of all, I have to admit how shocked and excited I was when I got chosen for this VoxBox. YSL VOXBOX? Come on!!! I couldn't believe my eyeballs when I first heard it even existed. Then I was a lucky gal to be receiving this awesome box. Anywho, on to the juicy details...

So this mascara being one of their best sellers was reformulated with Lash Care and supposed to not dry out. (Assuming that was a common issue before?) It provides "Intense Volume, Intense Color, and Intense Care". B5 Pro-Vitamin ingredient helps strengthen and protects your lashes. Comes in 6 signature shades: High Density Black, Rich Brown, Extreme Blue, Fascinating Violet, Burgundy and Deep Night. I am all about strengthening and lash care because over time my lashes has gone through some ugly days. Gotta give them love too.

Below I posted a photo of my eyes, before and after with this product. I applied just one coat top and bottom. Definitely gives a lot of volume and drama to the lashes. You can feel the conditioning of the lashes every time you brush it across. Felt quite amazing and the smell... oh YSL you never fail on your scents! Only downfall for me was the curling power. Not surprised that it did not hold my curl. Usually I have to use a waterproof formula in order for my curls to hold up all day. Luckily, this mascara does come in a waterproof formula so I think I am in luck! Other than that, I am very impressed and content with the application this mascara provided.

Have you tried this mascara before? If so, what are your thoughts on it? What is your favorite or holy grail mascara? Would love to hear your opinions! :)

FTC: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review: Voloom - Hair Volumizing Iron

Hey loves! Today I will be reviewing an awesome hair gadget that will give life to your hair like you've never seen before. Are you a victim of dull, fine, limp, no volume type of hair? *raises hands* Well no more worries because this tool is simple, easy and will instantly transforms your hair!

Here is what came in my package... the volumizing iron, sectioning brush, 3 grip clips, and travel pouch.

Close up details of the iron... notice the ceramic coated grid like pattern or what they call "Volume Pockets" to help lift the top layers up and away from the scalp. Has a mini LED digital temperature for precise heat control up to 390 degrees. Comes with a locking mechanism that protects the iron when stored away. Neat!

Here are *Before & After* Photos of how this little tool will change the way you fix your hair~ forever!
(My daughter wanted to be the hair model for today's review. Thanks to her beautiful long locks, I was able to achieve a beautiful volumized hair.)

*The texture and shape of how your hair looks like underneath the layers. You want to style inside your layers and overlap your top layers over that. I did her hair very lightly to give a subtle amount of volume. Of course you can always add more texture for more volume! Click *HERE* for more info on how to achieve this with step by step instructions.

Side profile *Before & After* of the volumized hair. Definitely a dramatic lift in the hair compared to the original Before pic. Winning! What's really cool is you can go days without washing your hair and keep this gorgeous volume for days. It works with freshly washed hair or 1-2 day old hair as well. So you can achieve this hair anytime, any day, all day if you want.

Overall, I was really impressed with this tool. Left the hair nice and silky smooth. No worries about damaging as long as you follow the instructions and take care of your hair well. This is was definitely something I've been needing in my hair life for so long. I've always struggled with limp, no volume in my hair. The everyday women does not want to get up and spend time to blow dry and style their hair daily. Well at least I don't. ha ha... so this is definitely the solution for my hair problems and hope it will be yours too.

You can check out more info, photos and purchase here ---> VOLOOM

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review: 2015 Chrysler 200C

Hello to all! Hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays. Christmas is right around the corner and time is flying by. 2015 is almost coming to an end... Anyone else not feeling the holiday spirit yet? hehe what I need is some Christmas music around me to get in the mode.

Well here I am with another amazing vehicle review of the brand new 2015 Chrysler 200C AWD Fully Loaded. My first impression of driving a Chrysler was not the greatest since I've driven one in the past. Obviously it was a bad experience but it was about 10 years ago. Preferably, I enjoy driving import vehicles over American but this car was definitely a game changer. I have to say, Chrysler stepped up in the design department to a whole new level from the past. Bravo! Look how beautiful this car is in the Lunar White paint). I was squealing with excitement to hop in and take it for a spin. Let's get to the details...

Moldings, door frames, and door handles trimmed in sleek chrome.

Keyless Entry with a touch of the handle... door opens for your convenience.
(Must have option for us busy moms with our hands full!)

High-tech center console with ton of options such as Dual Climate Control, Electric Park Brake, and a unique Rotary E-Shift knob for more space.

Sleek remote that includes an auto start option! This starts the engine from up to 200 feet away and cools/heats the car interior before you hop in. Brilliant!!! I have a mini demo of how this works on my Instagram...

Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof. Looks so fancy on this sedan!

Huge 8.4" Touchscreen display with literally "everything" on it. I mean this car has "APPS"... who need's a phone? haha

Back Seat arm rest w/ cup holders & compartments, seats flips down for more trunk space. You get that extra length trunk space.

Below I listed my top favorite features about this car.
  • Smart Remote Start
  • Rotary E-Shift knob
  • 8.4" Touchscreen display
  • Forward Collision Warning w/ Active Braking
  • ParkView Rear Back-up Camera
  • Keyless Enter & Go w/ Start/Stop Button
  • Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof
  • Fuel Economy (18 city/ 29 highway)
  • 9-Speed Automatic w/ Paddle Shifters
  • Heated Front Seats & Heated Steering Wheel
  • Ventilated Front Seats
  • AC/Heater for the rear seats
  • Parallel Park Assist and Perpendicular Park Assist
  • Uconnect AM/FM/SXM/HD/BT/NAV system
  • Extended Trunk Space
  • Sport Mode

The base price for this fabulous vehicle is listed for $30,425. With all the added luxury options, it comes out to a total price of $38,735. Definitely a price tag of a luxury sedan indeed. Not your mama's Chrysler minivan!

I decided to take this car on our family trip to Six Flags Over Texas. With this car having a V-6 engine with 295 horsepower, the drive was so smooth and fast like a sports car, yet I still felt very safe. Almost forgot I was sitting inside a midsize sedan. Having the navigation on that huge 8.4" touchscreen really made it easier for me to find my way around. This car saved my families life that evening. The weather decided to flip out on us and got super cold all of sudden. Having that Smart Remote Start option got the car heated up perfectly just in time we got inside. I couldn't be more thankful for the heated steering wheel! Kept my frozen fingers nice and toasty. These luxury options really came in handy and I feel that every car should include them as well.

Overall, I fell in love with this car so much more than I thought I would from the beginning. Sadly, I only had it for less than a week so didn't get to take full advantage of it. The options are endless in this car and great for anyone who are all about premium details with a sporty performance. Great fuel economy midsize sedan for singles or even larger families. Our family of 5 fit perfectly into this spacious sedan. This experience definitely got me giving Chrysler a second chance again... Kudos to them! Check them out on the web *Click Here* for more info and details on building your own 200C.


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